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Valerie Langfield 

The atmosphere at Girton is friendly and informal.Valerie started learning the piano officially when she was 6, and after doing all her piano exams, and some singing and clarinet ones too, went on to read music at Girton College, Cambridge University, where she spent much of her time composing music. She did a postgraduate course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, then decided to get a proper job, and went into the computing industry, culminating in a 10-year stint at the BBC as a senior systems analyst. However throughout all this time, she was a performing, practising (in all senses) musician, working mostly with singers, which honed her skills in getting accurate performances! In 1991, she moved to Stockport, UK, and works there now as a freelance musician. Much of her work is educational, teaching groups of adults to play the piano, and the teaching aspect of her work is very important. Somewhere along the way she also acquired a music diploma, becoming an Associate of the Royal College of Music. Her training at Cambridge has (to her surprise) been extremely useful when it comes to producing classical MIDI files, partly because of the carefully researched programme notes she writes to go with the files, and partly because of the need to produce authentic realisations of the figured basses in Baroque music. Most of all, her academic background and practical experience in both music and computing come together when selecting and performing music for the albums that she and Jonathan produce under the name The Academy of Digital Music. 

Jonathan Summers 

The Sydney Opera House is the busiest performing arts centre in the world.Jonathan played the "London circuit" with various local bands as a bass player. He was invited to join the staff of Alaska Studios owned by Pat Collier, ex-bass player with the Vibrators, as a studio engineer eventually working with bands such as T.V. Smith and the Adverts, Vic Martin who later became the keyboard player for the Eurythmics, Hazel O'Connor and the New York based underground band The Electric Chairs. Jonathan moved to Sydney Australia in 1982. After a brief period as an engineer with EMI's Studio 301 he opened his own studio, Mary Street. His considerable experience in London soon paid off, culminating in a host of albums. With more time spent away from his own studio working now as a producer with the luxury of employing engineers Jonathan moved more into full scale album productions. Due to family commitments Jonathan reluctantly moved away from studio work pausing briefly to put together a CD of Christmas carols for EMI (Australia) for the Elizabethan Singers. Over the last few years Jonathan has combined his love of music with his growing interest in computers to produce classical MIDI files of a very high standard. Jonathan is currently undertaking a BComp. in Information Systems.

Valerie and I (Jonathan) would be happy to receive your comments on our MIDI files Music with Meaning or this WWW site, please drop us a line.