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The Academy of Digital Music specialises in producing MIDI files of classical music. All the recordings are of a musical and technical quality that we believe is second to none. The performances are real-time ones, that is, the music is played in, note by note, and not stepped or scanned in, and do not sound mechanical. They are recorded instrument by instrument, and provide a musical interpretation of the piece, superbly engineered. It's a terrific way to get to know a piece of music really well, and to get far more out of listening to music than you might otherwise do. We hope you agree!!  

Music with Meaning is an ADMusic software program that combines a classical MIDI file with running text. What this means is that as you listen to the music, you can read about what you are listening to, at exactly the point it's happening. 

Valerie and I (Jonathan) would be happy to receive your comments on our MIDI files Music with Meaning or this WWW site, please drop us a line. 

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