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Music with Meaning is a software program that combines a classical MIDI file with running text. What this means is that as you listen to the music, you can read about what you are listening to, at exactly the point it's happening.

  • Want to know more about the composer? - it'll tell you. 
  • What's the background to the piece? - it'll tell you. 
  • What instrument was playing that solo line? - it'll tell you. 
  • What's the structure of the piece? - it'll tell you.

And if you're new to listening and looking at music this way, there's an easy version for you to read, without musical jargon; but if you feel you'd like to read about the music in more depth, there's a more detailed version. Each piece of music comes with both versions, so you don't have to choose before you buy.

You'll get more out of listening to music as a result of using Music with Meaning. It's interesting, and fun - and by way of good measure, it's educational, too. If you are interested just download the latest version of Music with Meaning, Music with meaning comes "zipped-up" within a readme file, if you do not have a copy of PKUNZIP or WinZip then you may wish to down load just the self installing executable file called MwM.exe and the readme file separately.  Our site does become slow due to the demand for Music with Meaning; you may prefer to source an alternative site to download Music with Meaning.

Our classical MIDI files would be nothing without the composer's original scores. These backroom boys, working long hours losing sleep and in some cases whole families, have put together a composer's page containing some information about themselves.



Simply Strings

Grieg: Gavotte from the Holberg Suite Op 40
Grieg: Prelude from the Holberg Suite, Op 40
Grieg: Sarabande from the Holberg Suite, Op 40
Grieg: The Last Spring (No.2 of the Two Elegiac Melodies)
Tchaikovsky: Sonatina from 21`the Serenade for Strings, Op 48
Tchaikovsky: Waltz from the Serenade for Strings, Op 48

Richly Romantic

Grieg - From Peer Gynt Suite no. 1 - Morning
Grieg - From Peer Gynt Suite no. 2 - Solveig's Song
Grieg - From Peer Gynt Suite no. 1 - Hall of the Mountain King
Mendelssohn - Overture for Orchestra Op 26 - The Hebrides

The price per album from our Music with Meaning collection is £25 or (US)$40.

There are a number of ways in which you can pay: a cheque in US dollars, or UK sterling is easiest for everyone (please make sure the cheques are drawn on US or UK banks, respectively). 

Please contact Valerie in our UK office to pay by these methods or find out about alternatives. 

EMail Valerie and JonathanValerie and I (Jonathan) would be happy to receive your comments on our MIDI files Music with Meaning or this WWW site, please drop us a line.